Geschichte_Acromasters The “Acro Masters” was brought to life by G. Hoppe and P. Wessels and had its debut in june 2002 at Rudolstadt with success.
27 pilots competed in this competition. Over 5000 spectators watched the contest hosted 2003 in Villingen-Schwenningen with top pilots like R. Matt, S. Silvestri, E. Baumgartner, B. Beschorner, G. Ulsamer, A. Brömer, P. Lumpe etc.
Overall, 41 pilots took part in the competition.
The success of 2003 could not even be repeated in 2004, it could be increased.
Over 50 pilots competed and showed fantastic flights. Young pilots like J. Braun, D. Brüssow, G. Bruckmann etc. put the established TOC pilots especially in the freestyle very much under pressure.
In the basic routines those young pilots have still to learn a lot, but we are very optimistic for the future. Over 8.000 spectators watched the „German Acro Masters“ at 3 days and the flying display program was also awesome.
For example the flights of jets, aerobatic gliders or the full scale aerobatics Pitts S 12 with a radial engine sound.
Geschichte_Acromasters Over 50 sponsors supported the event with prizes and again an auction of C-ARF planes for a social intention was made.
3.800 EURO for a children`s village (disabled children) could be spent .

Unique in the model airplane hobby . Thank you very much, especially all sponsors, the local club VS with M. Schill and his crew making like 2003 a very good job.
A double DVD showing the flights and interviews about the „Acro Masters 2004“ is available over PR Medien (
After three „German Acro Masters“ in a row (2002, 2003, 2004) there was no event n 2005.
The organization time for an „Acro Masters“takes about one year and the Team needed to have a break.
Geschichte_Acromasters The development to become one of the biggest word aerobatic contests in only 3 years overhelmed the team.
2005 new concepts were made which included a few suggestions, to brain up the 2006 GAM.

To still be in mention on the 30.04./01.05.2005 in “Mücke” a „German Acro Masters Meeting“ was hold, - just for fun flying.